Large Cut Tree Stumps by FCH

$4.95 USD

Diorama accessories, Large Cut Tree Stumps. 7 premium polyurethane resin cast unpainted scenery pieces by Full Circle Hobbies. These stumps can be used with any era diorama, vignette, or figure base, and is always in stock. Best suited for 1/48 scale and larger.

-Painting Cut Tree Stumps-

 All of the paints that I use for painting models are artist acrylics in tubes with the exception of the black primer coat, which is an acrylic spray paint. Any brand is good.

 First, spray paint the black primer coat. Let dry for three hours. A black primer coat will make the other colors applied over it deeper looking. Mix a medium grey (95% Mixing White / 5% Ivory Black), and brush on one coat. Let dry for one hour, then mix a light grey (98% Mixing White / 2% Ivory Black), and drybrush over the medium grey. Let dry for one hour, then highlight by drybrushing with Mixing White. Add an Ivory Black wash by diluting the black with water. Flow it into all of the low spots and wipe off any excess with a cotton bud. The last painting step is to add moss by using a limegreen color. I use Pebeo Greengold # 429. Let dry for two hours. Now coat everything with a satin clearcoat to protect the paint and you're done!

 When ordering, remember that it's the price of the item plus shipping, that should be taken into account when judging the value of an item.   


1/72 / 1/76 / 00 gauge diorama accessories, large cut tree stumps.


Large resin cast cut tree stumps for dioramas or display bases.

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