My name is David Gurinskas (retired) and I'm the owner and operator of Full Circle Hobbies, which is a Trade Marked company located in Canada. I'm an internet company only, and not open to the public. I've been building plastic model kits since 1965 (at the age of eight) and in 2005 decided to turn that interest into a fulltime business. I'm a one-man operation and handle all aspects of the business.

  The name "Full Circle Hobbies" came about from my interest in building model cars as a young boy. When I got older, my interests changed from model cars to real-life cars, to girls, marriage, family, then back to model car building. I've gone full circle in my interests in life, hence the name "Full Circle Hobbies".

  My inventory for the first six years that my business was operating, consisted of the usual array of model cars, trucks, aircraft, etc. and sales were quite brisk. My lower retail prices plus some "off the beaten path" type of kits helped the business along but I needed a product that was unique only to my business. That got me thinking.

  I've always modeled different subjects depending on what my interests were at the time. I have always held a great interest in Sci-Fi, 1/64 slot cars, 1/25 cars, and military models, particularly 1/35 scale WW2 tanks, vehicles and figures. Although 1/35 scale is very popular, the prices of the kits have become very expensive. This is what steered my interest towards 1/72 scale (the gentleman's scale / brail scale). It soon became apparent that about four 1/72 scale tanks cost the same as one 1/35 scale tank and had about the same amount of detail. An added bonus of 1/72 scale military models is that they also require less display space.

  We all know about the vast amount of 1/35 scale military vehicles, figures, accessories and dioramas that are available, but what's available in the way of 1/72 scale dioramas? Not much. Although 1/76 scale buildings are available from the wargaming aspect of the hobby, I find that the buildings are not quite adaptable for 1/72 dioramas because of their simplicity and general lack of fine detail. Looking for a product of uniqueness for my company, and to set me apart from the vast array of model kit retailers out there was not easy. I decided to satisfy my hunger for model building, and to add some unique products for my company. This lead me to create a series of 1/72 scale diorama kits to sell to military model builders.

 The same story is also true in the slot car world. There's no shortage of 1/32 scale manufactures that produce slot cars, buildings, structures, and figures. But in 1/64 scale / HO gauge, very little is available. So, with childhood slot car memories still fresh in my mind, I decided to remedy the situation and create my own series of slot cars, buildings, structures, and figures for slot car racers and their fans.   

  All the diorama kits, Sci-Fi, and resin slot car items for sale on my website are designed, mastered and cast in a premium polyurethane resin by myself. These are exclusive to Full Circle Hobbies and are not sold anywhere else. The ideas for the dioramas, and Sci-Fi parts were inspired by photos, paintings, actual buildings or landscapes. I find that building, then painting dioramas, Sci-Fi items, slot cars, and slot car structures, is a very enjoyable diversion from AFVs and figures. Also, I think that military and Sci-Fi vehicles and figures are more interesting when displayed in a diorama or vignette, and that slot car race tracks need scenery to complete the racing experience. 

  I often look at dioramas in general, and slot car layouts as works of art portraying a certain time and place, a three dimensional masterpiece painting with unsurpassed textures, depth and colors. A creation of inner thought put forth for everyone to see and appreciate. I hope you see it the same way too.

David Gurinskas Owner / Operator of Full Circle Hobbies