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25 October, 2011 1 comments Leave a comment

  I was very excited about the launch of my new website in 2012. After spending seven years on an auction site, it was time to move on and start a dot com. All the plastic and resin model kits that I was selling there (model aircraft, cars, trucks, real space, etc.) are still being sold on my website for 2023, with even more 1/72 military kits and figures available. There are some more new products from JTT (trees, ground turf, grass mats, etc.). Also new are more items from my series of 1/72 scale resin military diorama kits. The masters for these are designed then cast by me. You won't find quality 1/72 scale dioramas like these anywhere else, they're exclusive to Full Circle Hobbies.

 In 2015, I started a new line of 1/64 scale resin slot car bodies, figures, and race track structures. These include a pit stop garage kit, control tower kit, grandstands, and modern / classic pit crew figures. These are also designed, mastered and cast by myself. The first slot car body that was offered for sale was a racing version of the Triumph TR6. Shortly after, I did a Porsche 917 that was more accurate than the AFX version. Lots of decal sets are available on my site for this car, and others, in the 1/64 / HO Slot Car Decals category. Check it out!

 Speaking of decal sets, I just want to say that when you use any of the sets that I sell, or someone else's decals, you don't have to use every decal on the sheet. In a small scale such as 1/64, I think it's best to just get the idea across of what the real car looks like. Some decal sets may also be a bit complicated to use in 1/64 scale. An example are some of the decals for the Bentley GT3, especially the sets with the stylized British flag livery. The back part of the decals don't fit the contours of the body at all! In this case it's a good idea to cut off the back part of the decal, and brush paint the remaining area. This is what I did with the Bentley shown in the photos on my website, and I must say that the car is stunning to look at! 

   More recent slot car bodies available are an Aston Martin DBR9 GT3, Bentley Continental GT3, Matra 650, Triumph Spitfire 1500, and a Corvette C3 Hardtop. A Corvette C3 Roadster might follow. Stay tuned for more GT3s, Alfa Romeo T33, Lola T70 Mk 3B, some Porsche 911s, and more British "classics" plus some new figures. In the meantime, keep on slotting in the free world!

 If you're a big fan of Star Wars and want to create some dioramas, or if you like playing the Star Wars Legion game, you'll be interested in this! Sometime in 2023 I'll be sculpting buildings and figures that'll be compatible with the 1/47 Star Wars Legion figures, plus some diorama accessories in 1/12 scale for the Star Wars Black Series 6 inch figures. They'll also be cast in the same high quality resin as my other products.   

 If you ever had problems painting dioramas, and slot cars help is here. The articles below take out the mystery from painting some of the features on dioramas, and slot car structures, such as bricks, stucco or clay tile roofs. The techniques that I've developed for painting dioramas are easy and fun to use. I think that the painting part of this hobby is the most fun, and it shouldn't be a chore to do. 

 There's a lot to do again in 2023, and the years ahead! If you have any ideas for 1/72 scale dioramas, 1/64 slot cars, or comments about any of my products, don't hesitate to contact me at; Thank you for your interest in Full Circle Hobbies.

 Happy slotting, and model building!


 David Gurinskas / Owner of Full Circle Hobbies






  1. Trey Madigan September 01, 2023

    Wow ! Super impressed with your work and all the detail you get out of your 1/64 sc bodies.loving the bodies i just recieved. Was wondering if you have a BMW m6 gt3 in the works ? Another order coming your way shortly. Keep up the awesome work.

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