1/64 Tool Boxes & Technicians Kit by FCH

$12.99 USD

1/64 / HO slot car tool box set is excellent for any pit stop garage on your layout. 12 premium grey polyurethane resin cast parts total, including 2 large tool box cabinets, 1 medium size tool box unit, 2 small tool boxes, 1 upright garage fan, and 3 standing technician figures featuring 3 separate heads with ear protectors. Also included are 3 plastic disks to glue each figure onto. Each tool box unit features molded in drawer details, and caster wheels. Cast by Full Circle Hobbies, and includes instructions on how to clean resin parts before painting.

 For information on how to paint the tool boxes and technician figures, please refer to the article, "Painting Techniques : Pit Stop Garage & Accessories" in the category "Painting Techniques".

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1/64 / HO AFX slot car tool boxes and technician figures.


1/64 / HO slot car layout garage accessories.

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