1/64 Slot Car Modular Pit Garage Kit by FCH

$49.99 USD

1/64 / HO slot car Modular Pit Garage kit Core Unit designed and cast in resin by Full Circle Hobbies' owner David Gurinskas. Requires some sanding of parts, assembly, and painting. 14 Core Unit parts in total. 11 high quality white polyurethane resin parts; 2 outside walls, 1 Paddock wall, 1 Paddock staircase, 1 Paddock wall walkway, 1 walkway end piece, 2 front pieces, 1 garage divider, 1 roof vent, and 1 air conditioning unit. Plastic parts consist of 1 garage ceiling / V.I.P. Lounge floor, 1 V.I.P. ceiling / roof, and 1 clear V.I.P. Lounge window. Also included are instructions for preparing resin parts before painting, assembly instructions, and an easy step by step guide on how to paint the completed garage. A Modular Pit Garage Expansion Kit is also available elsewhere on this website.

 The Modular Pit Garage Kit Core Unit only needs to be purchased once. It's large enough to accommodate one racing team of two cars and their equipment. To expand the number of garage stalls, any number of the Modular Pit Garage Expansion Kits can be added to the Core Unit depending on how long you want the pit garage building. Each Expansion Kit can also accommodate one racing team of two cars, and equipment. The Core Unit and Expansion Kit (s) do not include a base, and can be mounted to MDF, expanded ABS foam sheet, or directly on a track layout surface.

 The Pit Garage footprint is 6" wide (8 1/4" including the side Paddock Stairwell) x 6" deep (7 1/4" including the Paddock Balcony) x 4 1/2" high.

 Detailed features include realistic brick textures on the inside and outside walls, detailed stairwell and Paddock walkway, detailed Paddock rollup garage door in the closed position, ribbed aluminum textures on walkway and front support panels, Pit Lane garage door in the open position, garage interior light switches and main power boxes molded to the inside walls, panoramic V.I.P. Lounge Pit Lane window, and a highly detailed roof air conditioning unit with vent.

 This kit won't be affected by humidity like printed card stock, or die cut wood kits making it excellent for any size of slot car track layout, or 1/64 / HO scale diorama.

 A special thank you to my customer Tim Morrison for providing the photos of his painted Pit Garage Kits. He used one Core Garage Kit, and four Expansion Garage Kits for his still in progress four lane slot car layout. The garages were painted by following my article on painting bricks. Great work, and happy slotting!    

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