1/64 / HO Small Slot Car Grandstand Kit by FCH

$11.99 USD

 1/64 / HO small slot car grandstand kit. 3 parts designed and cast in a premium polyurethane resin by Full Circle Hobbies owner, David Gurinskas. Requires assembly, gluing and painting. Can be used with AFX, Full Circle Hobbies, etc. slot cars and any 1/64 / HO racetrack layout. The grandstand measures a width of 4" (10 cm), a depth of 4 1/4" (10.5 cm), and a height of 2" (5 cm). Treadplate stairs and bench seat details are molded into the grandstand, and a cast concrete texture is molded into the two triangle grandstand supports. This grandstand kit was designed for fast and easy construction, and because of its perfect size, will fit small, medium or large layouts.

 For a realistic and economical way of adding figures to the grandstand, I recommend using bulk, unpainted 1/87 (HO) figures. Use 1/72 / 1/64 resin figures for more detailed areas that are closer to the front of your layout, or where you want more scale accuracy.    

 When ordering, remember that it's the price of the item plus shipping, that should be taken into account when judging the value of an item.

1/64 / HO AFX slot car grandstand / bleachers kit.


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