1/12 Science Fiction Diorama Mixed Flagstones A,B,C,D by FCH

$47.99 USD

1/12 (6") scale Science Fiction old, worn mixed flagstone tiles, A,B,C, and D for dioramas by Full Circle Hobbies. Four different grey high quality polyurethane resin tiles included measuring 5" X 5" square, and about 1/8" thick. Grout areas are thinner. Requires painting and some trimming is required so that the tiles can fit squarely and gaps between the assembled tiles will need to be filled with whatever you have at hand. The castings can be cut easily to fit oddly shaped areas, and can be cut to fit any diorama or display base shape.

 These tiles of mixed flagstones are cast from masters that were made from actual hand cut slate pieces. Each unique flagstone piece was glued at random to make four different sections of tiles that look realistic, and features different heights and textures like real flagstone slabs. By rearranging several sets of four tiles for a large diorama, a repeating pattern is avoided because each of the four tile sections are different. The castings are done in open molds, and the underside surface of each tile is completely flat with a very fine texture, that doesn't require sanding.

 These mixed flagstone tile sections are perfect for any Star Wars Black Series Jedha diorama, etc. or display base and can be used with any 1/12 (6") scale action figures, or 1/12 scale dollhouse projects.

Science Fiction 1/12 (6") scale diorama parts.


Star Wars 1/12 scale diorama parts. Star Wars 1/12 Black Series diorama parts. Star Wars Black Series

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