The Future Is Clear by FCH

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Clear acrylic coating for model kits, slot cars, etc. This is the original "Future Floor Polish" liquid acrylic that is only available in Canada and the United States since being reformulated. Rebottled by Full Circle Hobbies in 8 ounce bottles, the original formula can now be available to modellers worldwide! "The Future Is Clear" can be airbrushed or hand brushed onto any painted surface, is self leveling, and dries crystal clear without yellowing. It provides a hard, high gloss, durable finish which is perfect for the harsh environment of slot car racing.

 All of my finished slot cars shown on this website have been airbrushed with "The Future Is Clear". After primer and a coat of colored flat paint, a thin coat of clear is sprayed on the surface to give it a gloss finish in preparation for the decals. After the decals are applied, another thin clear coat is applied to seal the decals and provide a durable gloss finish. 

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"The Future Is Clear" acrylic coating for models.


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